The Story

Katie Calhoun is a wife and a mother currently living in Alabaster Alabama. Katie has always enjoyed arts and crafts, but the real story started about 3 years ago. Katie's daughter thought it would be fun to make some jewelry for her personal use.  Katie helped Sierra with her jewelry and then magic began to take over.  After gifts to family and friends, the public began asking for her creations.  Katie grew up in a close knit family and family has always been the center of her heart.  She named her company 3 GEN Creations to embody her art as symbolic to grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. Her works are representative of their ability to cross generations and to be enjoyed by all ages, young and old alike.
Katie grew up in South Louisiana, a mixing bowl of cultures, art, and music.  Katie captures the earthiness of nature while adding color and style that embodies the grace and elegance of the Southern Region.  Katie feels each piece of any of her compositions is an object of art. Therefore, each item is meticulously handmade and though some pieces may favor in design, no two will be alike.  Katie enjoys that when a customer chooses her work, they have their own unique piece that they will always be able to enjoy as their own.